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The Band

Adam Adam has been playing guitar since he was 12 and is a naturally gifted guitarist. He can play the most complicated solos and loves learning every note in a song. Check out this video of Adam playing Van Halens solo in Beat It. Adam is a professional guitar tutor and session player as well as live performer. We are very lucky to have someone as talented as Adam in Rediscover.
Emma Emma has been singing for as long as she could talk. When she was growing up she used to earn extra pocket money by winning karaoke competitions. Emma is a session singer, and has fronted original bands. She has also had a career performing in musical theatre.
Joe Joe was bought up in a house full of drummers, so has been playing drums since he could sit on a stool. He is as solid as a drum machine, but plays with great feeling. He can play both loud and soft, which means we needn’t deafen your audience if volume is a concern for you. As well as playing in many original bands Joe has been playing in covers bands for some years now, so knows what to do to get the crowd dancing, and keep them there.
Rey Rey has a wonderfully powerful voice, and has an excellent ear for harmony. Rey is both a recording and live session singer. Like Emma, she also performed with original bands, and is currently singing with Dicejar. Rey fancies herself as a drummer too, but don’t worry, we won’t let her on the kit at your gig.
James James is a tutor, producer, engineer and session bass guitarist. He first picked up a bass over 20 years ago. Over 10 years ago James played his first cover band gig, and has played with several covers bands since then. So, like Joe, he knows how to please the crowd with solid playing. James is the proud owner of a Musicman Stingray bass, which is the same age as him.
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